December 2018

Buches de Noel from Paris 2018.

Its Christmas time again. The city of light lives up to it’s name with magnificently decorated windows and Christmas lights everywhere.   The two top department stores, Printemps and Galleries Lafayette always compete for top banana in the jaw dropping department.  Usually Galleries Lafayette win, but both put a lot of time and effort into their windows.

But what’s really fun and exciting are the Buches de Noel.  All the top Parisian pastry chefs work their magic and creativity goes into overdrive producing some of the most fabulous creations imaginable.

In case you’re wondering what a Buche de Noel is, it’s French for Yule log. French don’t do Christmas puddings. That’s an English thing.

But the French Buche Noel’s are spectacular. This year the top pastry chefs have outdone themselves again as you’d expect with some so beautiful I’d be hard pressed to actually cut into one. I’d rather preserve it forever in it’s beautiful form.

Below you’ll see only a few examples of whose done what this year.


From Cafe Pouchkine, a fabulous Russian patisserie introduced to me by one of my Parisian friends, comes this beautiful design called the Russian Cigarette.

Elegant but also gourmet; these five Russian cigarettes contain various textures and chords around a delicate and tasty combination of hazelnut, bergamot and chocolate.

This log for 6 to 8 people is on sale from December 14 at a price of 80 €. Unfortunately they don’t deliver to North America!


From the young and creative pastry team at the Le Georges Cinq come these whimsical giant chocolate pine cones on beds of white chocolate roses.  Again, could you really have the heart to destroy one of these by eating them? I wonder if those candles are edible too?

The Chef Pastry Chef of The Peninsula Paris, Dominique Costa, unveils his log “The Case” made of chocolate and mandarin – passion fruit. Looks like a giant fire-cracker to me.

This year, it is not one but 2 logs that presents to us Cédric Grolet for the holidays of Christmas 2018 at the famous Hotel Meurice.
Cédric Grolet , recently voted ” Best Pastry Chef of the World 2018 ” by the World’s 50 best, unveils his creations for this Christmas 2018 . This year, the talented chef returns to the traditional tastes of his childhood by highlighting the chestnut through the revisit of one of his signature dessert: Mont Blanc .
There are more Buches de Noel to post but I just don’t have any more time. Got to run and finish some last minute Christmas shopping.
Have a wonderful Christmas and super 2019.
Mark LaFleur


Think Antiques are out of Style? Think Again.

Just pick up this December’s issue of Veranda magazine and have a peruse through this iconic magazine of high end design.

It’s just filled with a combination of modern and antique beautifully and artfully coordinated by some of the leading designers in the world.

Even the cover has a stunning 19th Century Empire Settee.

For some great design ideas pick up the issue today. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

Mark, and the Staff from the Antique Warehouse



Who is Giorgio Vigna?



Born in 1955 in Verona, designer and artist Giorgio Vigna is known for his use of glasswork and his multiple collaborations with Venetian glassmaker Venini, which have resulted in a number of unique objects as well as Venini’s first glass jewelry collection, Talismani, in 1998. Vigna also created Iittala’s highly successful glass Birds collection in 2007 and designed the company’s first jewelry collection, Piilo Amulet in 2010.

Vigna first worked as a stage designer in the 1980s in Rome, before moving his studio to Milan in 1990, where he is still based. Much of his inspiration comes from nature, “water, fire… micro and macro cosmos… lightness and heaviness,” the artist said, adding he doesn’t distinguish between his jewelries and sculptures, seeing the former as a “continuation as they are all part of a single cosmos.”

Vigna’s jewelry creations was highlighted at Miami Design/ Basel, with Elisabetta Cipriani dedicating a large part of her booth to the Italian creator with 30 unique pieces available as expressions of the diverse disciplines he works with: the virtues of glass, jewelry as sculpture, and the soul of the precious. A section of the exhibition was dedicated to Sospeso (suspended), the first jewelry project of rings and pendants he created in collaboration with Elisabetta Cipriani in an edition of five and as an homage to his Sospeso sculpture that had been commissioned for the “TRA. Edge of becoming” exhibition held at the Fortuny museum, in 2011, during the 54th Venice Biennale.

“What makes Giorgio Vigna’s work unique is his incessant experimentation with different medium, bringing back his artifice to a natural state,” notes London based gallerist Elisabetta Cipriani pointing to his investigation of materials such as glass, metals, and paper.

His work is constantly developing, straddling art and design. Vigna explains he was probably attracted to jewelry design because his maternal grandfather had a goldsmith’s workshop.

Asked about his recurrent use of glass and the appeal of the material Vigna says “Glass is like water that has been captured, its unstoppable flow suspended for a moment in time.”

Vigna goes on to say “In each new exhibition, and especially for this one with Elisabetta Cipriani gallery in London there are always new developments of my artistic universe, but also pieces never seen before that are always part of this universe and come to light on this occasion,” the artist notes his inspiration came from “the element of water and glass, sand… handmade Murano glass, gold leaf… from water to rock, a journey into a new cave just discovered in a distant planet.”

We are pleased to present our collection of Vignas’ work here at the Antique Warehouse.  These piece were acquired in Paris and brought to Vancouver.


Light as a feather yet created out of silver, sand, and crystal this beautiful necklace is perfect for the Holiday Season. Look under new arrivals to see more of Vigna’s work. Available in time for Christmas.