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In The Tradition of The Old Masters

So you think the great European craftsmen of centuries gone by have all but disappeared? Not So! In fact, here in our very own New Westminster exists one ‘Alexandre Sukhomilov’ who is replicating the quality and beauty of the French and European masters right in his studio.

We first met Alex in our store, when he’d be buying some of our most beautiful French 19th Century pieces. That is when he told us he was replicating the designs for his upmarket clientele who wanted the beauty of Europe for their homes in Vancouver we were impressed.

Alex can make anything from elaborate crown mouldings to full walled panels, trumeaus and more. All made to order to fit any sized room!

This difference with Alex’s product that instead of Gesso ( a form of plaster used by the old masters ) which breaks down over time, he uses a high quality resin that will literally last forever. The results were astounding.

Have a look at the photos below that he sent us.



The quality and detail are spot on, but we have to say, if you like the look of the ‘distressed’ 19th Century mirrors with all their ¬†imperfections and flaws, you’ll still have to come to us.

But if you’re looking for made to measure elaborate old world charm room panels, moulding, ¬†and more, see Alex. His work is breathtaking.

He’s located at 1019 Quebec St. in New Westminster, B.C.

Contact us for more information.

Mark LaFleur @ The Antique Warehouse.


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