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Hi Everyone,

It’s been some time since I posted on my blog, but I am on vacation and now have some free time. I came across an article by one of my favourite blogs by Vanessa AKA  Messy Nessy, A London born millennial and her partner (chief millennial technical expert she lovingly refers to as elf ) both young and pretty and with a great pulse on Paris.  One of her latest posts was about the oldest auction house in the world known as the Dorotheum, in Vienna.  Vanessa referred to her blog as Frankensteins auction, but in fact it had noting to do with the real Dr. Frankenstein.

The Dorotheum, one of Viennas oldest auction houses is auctioning off some of the most bizarre of the bizarrest items of curiosities. Everything from turn of the century phones to a rare navicular naventiis.

Below you’ll see some unusual but not terribly disturbing images of things you may just take a fancy for. Bidding can be done online and shipment of one article is possible from this auction house.

Consult with the Dorotheum for any additional information.

Open Heart Human Model starting at 150E

A Navicula de Venetiis,  or ‘little ship of Venice’, is a very rare form of sundial. It was developed in Europe in the Middle Ages, though it is possible that its origins were Arabic. Starting bid 10,000E

1845 Celestial Globe by Franz Leopold Schöninger. Opening price 1500 €

A Paris turn of the century Stereoscope with images of Paris. The quality of the images on these is clear and fascinating giving the viewer a glimpse of the old past of French and Parisian life. Stereoscope and image viewer “Souvenir de Paris”. Opening price 300 €

A c. 1890 Jan Felkl & Son Tellurian. Opening price 1,500 €

An early mechanical dress form. C.1900 Opening bid 1000E

Economic Microscope by R. & J. Beck. Opening price 300 €

Three 19th century Apothecary travelling chests. Opening price 450 €

A mid 20th century distillation apparatus Model. Opening price 850 €

A Kelvin Hughes Star Globe. Opening price 400 €


A c. 1900 Ericsson Telephone. Opening price 600 €

Thanks for reading.

Mark LaFleur






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