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Hello Gareth, Thanks for the call. I’ve been meaning to call since the delivery of our new purchases last Friday. Everytime I remembered to call, it was after hours. We loved both antique pieces and they will definitely work in our art deco condo. We’ll use the french antique ammunition(?) cabinet in the small kitchen, as a storage unit for glass jars with dry goods. ie. rice, granola, quinoa etc. It’ll be terrific. The french antique art deco bookcase is stunning. Only Greg had seen it in person. The beveled glass doors and the patterned maccasseur (sp?) wood is just gorgeous. We’ve agreed to have that in our living room to exhibit our satsuma, celedon and gouda pieces. Tell all, we thank them for the great buff up and shelves of both pieces. We’ve found spots for both, until they find a new home in a couple of years. Cheers, B and G

B and G – Victoria, BC

Hello Jason and Larry, Gareth left a message inquiring as to whether we are pleased with the delivery of our new buffet. We are more than pleased. We are thrilled with it. Your staff did a marvelous job of evening out and touching up the finish on the top. It is better than I hoped it could be. My sister saw it and wants me to help her find a cabinet for her TV, and maybe some book storage. So, I will probably see you again soon. I have cc’d her, so that she can peruse your web site. Thank you, again, Elaine

Elaine F

I have purchased a couple of items from the Antique Warehouse and I must say these items were far beyond my expectations, and this is now THE Antique Store for my needs. I consider myself lucky to have found this store. Apart from that, the service could not have been better, and all the organization, shipping, crating, was like a ‘white glove service’ Thank you again, Mark, Larry and foremost Gareth, for your incredible help, expertise, and patience.

JE – New York, NY

Mark and Larry, I own a condo and space is always a prime consideration. However, I LOVE antiques and found two – 100 year old English pieces from your large Collection. Both pieces are from the same period, are superb mahogany, both are the perfect size for my condo and the costs were very affordable considering the excellent quality and condition of these beautiful antiques. I had the pieces delivered and your “pre” and “post” sales are extremely efficient. I highly recommend The Antique Warehouse and their staff – the selection of antiques is of the finest quality and their friendly and professional service makes the entire experience very pleasurable.

JJ – Vancouver, BC

I’ve been shopping at the Antique Warehouse for almost 20 years. I can personally attest that there is no where else in Vancouver that has the level of furniture and the reasonable prices as at the Antique Warehouse. Larry and the staff are knowledgeable, and friendly plus their honesty and integrity surpasses anyone in this sometimes very shady industry. They never misrepresent what they sell, unlike other dealers I have dealt with in Vancouver. I personally recommend anyone to feel comfortable in knowing they are dealing with the best.

HR – Vancouver, BC

Wow!! the Dining room I purchased from you guys is gorgeous and exceeded my expectations. You’re team did a wonderful job touching up as I can’t see a scuff mark anywhere. There was a scarey moment when Derrick thought we wouldn’t get the sideboard in. If it had been 1″ longer it wouldn’t have made it in. Thanks again for all your help. I will be in Vancouver on June 14 and plan to visit your store to shake your hands and browse some more.

Helen – Prince George, BC

Recently, I was thrilled to purchase an Louis Phillipe Commode from the Antique Warehouse. The first time I laid eyes on it, was through a photo on their website. I was somewhat hesitant about buying it sight unseen, but Mark, Larry and Gareth were excellent about sending good pictures and honest about the shape and condition of the piece. Their service was bar none! Also the shippers were fantastic. It was a pleasure doing business with the Antique Warehouse

MB – Calgary, AB

Dear Mark and Larry We have spent over a month here in the South of France and have to say, your prices in Vancouver are LESS than what people are asking for here in France. We have purchased many things from you in the past and now after seeing this, we will continue knowing we have discovered the best source for French Antiques literally anywhere! Thanks.

B and C France

I purchased several items from the Antique Warehouse for my home in L.A. ( after searching for months locally.) I Love French antiques, and without a doubt, the Antique Warehouse has the best prices of anyone, anywhere. Thanks for all your help!

GS – Los Angeles, CA

I purchased a dining room suite and chest from the Antique Warehouse in Jan. of 2008. At first I was reticent about the process. ( Not having seen the furniture in person as I live in New Jersey ) But owners, Larry and Mark were excellent with providing detailed pictures and an accurate description about the pieces I wanted. What a surprise when the items arrived. They exceeded my expectations. Thanks Mark and Larry for an excellent experience. I LOVE my furniture!

GS. New Jersey, NY

It is my great pleasure to offer this personal testimonial to Larry, Mark and all the staff at The Antique Warehouse. Without the tastteful presentation of their beautiful pieces and their continuing assistance in helping to acquire them, I would have never been able to furnish my home in the manner I had planned for so long.

No other seller in Vancouver had anything near what I was looking for… but The Antique Warehouse did everything they could to help me find the pieces I needed…. even as far as scouring the markets in France with those pieces for me in mind. I am ever grateful. My house is now done, and and I’m so pleased with everything. I continue to go to the Antique Warehouse often justto be in the friendly atmosphere and wander through the 2 floors to see all the great things. You just never know what you might find! Thanks guys!

MF – Richmond, B.C.