Rustic Dining Table with Wrought Iron Base

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A unique hand-crafted dining table made from wrought Iron and reclaimed Douglas Fir that effortlessly combines rustic charm with industrial chic. Each piece of reclaimed lumber has its own unique character, showcasing the beauty of its natural imperfections. The sturdy wrought iron base provides lasting stability and durability, ensuring this table will stand the test of time. Whether you’re furnishing a cozy dining area, a trendy cafĂ©, or a modern office space, this table is the perfect choice.

Like everything we sell at the Antique Warehouse, by choosing this table, you’re not only adding a statement piece to your space but also contributing to environmental sustainability. The use of reclaimed lumber reduces the demand for new wood, helping to preserve our precious forests.



W: 71″
D: 31″
T: 31.5″

$2550 $1750

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