Hand-Built Diorama of the “Marco Polo”, Circa 1898

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This Diorama depicts the Canadian transatlantic cargo vessel, “The Marco Polo” at full sail on the Atlantic Ocean. It is in original condition and the box frame is tapered in profile with tight dovetail joinery on all corners. The colors and quality are very good and this is a really decent example of good size. A note, still legible, is taped to the back, says: “To Jeannette from Frank. Birthday Greetings Nov 17, 1898”

About the Marco Polo:

Built in New Brunswick in 1851, the vessel was initially designed as a cargo ship.  The vessel had three masts and carried up to 22,000 square feet (2,000 m2) of sail and was considered to be the fastest of it’s kind when it was built, being able to sail, fully loaded with Timbers, from St. John to Liverpool in 15 days.  in 1852 it was converted into a passenger ship in for service between England and Australia to take advantage of the growing emigrant movement following the Australian gold rush. Marco Polo’s first voyage to Australia was 68 days, and safely carried over 900 people. At the time of it’s arrival, Marco Polo was the largest ship to travel to Australia.


W: 30″
D: 4.5″
H: 17.5″

$2750 $1950

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