Grebe Synchrophase Radio & Amplion “Dragon” Speaker

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This is a beautiful example of a very collectible, professionally restored and working, 1926 Grebe Synchrophase (Type MU-1) battery radio made by the A. H. Grebe Radio Company of New York City. Complete with original wiring diagrams (bottom and inside) and instructions sheet (also inside the radio). This radio has a sophisticated look, is well designed, and is highly sought after. Many collectors regard this model as the best performing battery radio set made in the 1920’s.┬áThis set requires an external speaker (like the one we’ve photographed it with) and battery power supply to operate.

We’ve paired this with an Amplion “Dragon” Model AR19 radio speaker horn, c 1923, photographed sitting on top of the radio. This elegant speaker is also in working condition and features a 10 petal mahogany bell and a cast iron goose neck. The horn was manufactured in Great Britain by Graham Amplion.

These incredible pieces will add value to any collection, as these are highly collectible.


Dimensions: (measurements on notepad near stage)

Grebe Synchrophase: $1450
W: 13″
D: 10″
T: 9.5″

Amplion “Dragon” Model AR19 (Speaker horn) – $750
W: 14″
D: 15″
T: 20.5″

$1950 $950 $695

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