Fitted Steamer Trunk or Cabin Wardrobe
C. 1890

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Journey back into time when travelling light meant three or less steamer trunks, and crossings over the Atlantic took four – five days. None of this waiting at crowded airports and squished into a postage stamp sized seat for 8 hours. This fitted steamer trunk evokes memories that maybe our great grandparents had.  From Paris, this piece dates back to the late 19th Century early 20th. The trunk is constructed of wood wrapped in leather, brass studded, and has an attractive domed top. The trunk is meant to open when standing on end, as photographed. On the left side there is a pull-out wardrobe section with the original extending hanger rod and wooden hanging frame. There’s fabric strapping to hold all your hangables in tightly for travel, 4 pockets lining the bottom to accommodate shoes, and even a small buttonable loop to hold walking sticks, etc. On the right side there are a total of 6 drawers (4 large, 2 small), and beside the small drawers is one medium cabinet-style storage space on a hinged arm, allowing it to open for an additional small working surface. The interior is lined with the original fabric.



24″ W x 23″ D x 53″ T