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Just recently House and Home magazine published an issue ( Spring 2014 ) called ‘Ask a Designer’. There are some interesting and informative articles in this issue and if you’re in the midst or wanting to embark on some home renovation or design work you may want to pick up a copy. It’s still on the stands until July 31.

The article I particularly like is the one where a writer has written in asking how to ‘liven’ up her dining room that’s filled with antiques. She states ” My dining room is full of antiques, which I love, but it looks a bit bland. How can I make it more inviting? ”

The editor has responded with the article I scanned below.

Article from House and Home Spring 2013 "Ask a Designer Special Edition"

Article from House and Home Spring 2013 “Ask a Designer Special Edition”

I apologize if the article and photo is a bit fuzzy but scanning from a magazine is never a great option. I did try to go to their website and pull the photo off directly but it wasn’t listed. In any event, I think you get the idea.

The table is a French Mahogany table and it’s paired with a French crystal chandelier and chairs which are either English or French. (re-upholstered of course)

I must admit I do like the Aqua wall wallpaper. It gives a soft contemporary look. If you’ll notice, the client has an Italian Venetian mirror over a Louis XVI style settee. We received only one settee on this last shipment.

It’s interesting how the designer ( Los Angeles based Mark Sikes ) used a roman shade you can pick up for a couple of dollars anywhere. Two designer friends of mine 25 years ago would always use these in any ‘formal’ setting to give a light and airy ambience.

Pick up a copy of this issue as there’s much more interesting articles in here I will be blogging on next.

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Until next time from beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia!



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